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Allergic Contact Dermatitis is a skin reaction that occurs when the skin touches or comes in close contact with a substance to which you are allergic. The skin may become itchy, cracked, red, sore and may even bleed at times. The substances that can cause these reactions are allergens. Allergens can be an ingredient in personal care products, jewelry, cleaning supplies, hand soaps, and even clothing. 
Patch testing is a safe, reliable and easy way to diagnose the cause of contact dermatitis. 
Patches containing various allergens are applied to the skin, typically on the back, and are left in place for 48 hours. The patches are then removed and a preliminary reading is performed. After an additional 24- 48 hours, a final reading will be conducted and information regarding the allergens will be provided. This information is helpful in identifying the products that should be avoided. 
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