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Skin Care Center

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Anti-Oil Cellular Turnover
  • Cellular turnover is critical in removing dead skin cells but excessive surface oils can impede the process.  This Beta Hydroxy Acid leave-on treatment uses Lactic and Salicylic Acid to control surface oils and increase cellular turnover through exfoliation.  This oil fighting treatment opens portal gateways in the cellular matrix to allow adjunctive products to penetrate deeply for maximum results.  A youthful glow has not left you; it’s just beneath the surface.  Skin Type - OILY

Glycolic Cellular Turnover

  • Dry dull skin doesn't have to be "just the way it is".  Cellular turnover uses exfoliation to restore skin's natural shimmer. This Alpha Hydroxy Acid leave-on treatment works to moisturize, reduce dullness and exfoliate the top layer of skin.  Lactic and Amino Acids supply continuous moisture to the skin resulting in a rich supple appearance.  With dead skin cells removed, our premium vitamin and pre-aging products will penetrate deeper into the skin for astonishing results. Welcome to your new normal. Skin Type - Normal/Dry

Lactic Cellular Turnover

  • Cellular turnover increases new cell growth but sunspots, discoloration and uneven skin tone can overshadow the results.  This Alpha Hydroxy Acid leave-on treatment works as a natural exfoliator and can also gradually lighten discolorations of the skin. Glycolic and Amino acid act as water-binding agents to help plump skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  With prolonged consistent use, skin will appear smooth, revived and luminous.  Don’t be surprised when people tell you that you’re glowing.  Skin Type - ALL SKIN

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